VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Details the ‘Hot Dog’ Move He Pulled on His Fiancée in the Bedroom

“You just took the two cheeks and used them like two pieces of bread?” Howard asks in disbelief

April 8, 2021

Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s legendary libido raised some eyebrows once again on Wednesday after the 71-year-old Stern Show staffer revealed he’d recently done his best impression of a hot dog while getting frisky with his fiancée Stephanie.

“We had some fun last night,” Ronnie told Howard, explaining their evening began with watching TV in bed and escalated after he gave his longtime lover an erotic massage. Ronnie’s story soon turned graphic as he told Howard and his listeners precisely which body part was inserted into where. “I kind of like slide it in between her ass cheeks,” he continued. “I kind of like put it, like, standing up, like, on an angle … in between.”

“You’re telling me you just took the two cheeks and used them like two pieces of bread and used your dick as a hot dog and then rubbed back and forth?” Howard asked.

“Right, like a hot dog roll,” Ronnie told him.

The bedroom fun didn’t stop there, either. Ronnie and Stephanie also got down to business a few nights earlier after getting turned on by a TV sex scene. “The next thing I know we’re fucking. Just like that. Boom. No foreplay, no nothing,” he said. “And then I went back to sleep.”

“What a party,” Howard remarked.

“That’s why it’s so great to sleep naked because, like, If you do all of sudden get in the mood there’s no bullshit about you have to rip your underwear off or whatever,” Ronnie concluded.

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