JD Harmeyer Gets Treated Like a Celebrity During a Wild, Whiskey and Weed-Fueled Night Out on the Town

“I actually don’t remember it because I was blasted out of my mind,” the Stern Show staffer reveals

May 19, 2021

Move over, Brad Pitt. Step aside, Leonardo DiCaprio. Say goodnight, George Clooney. There’s a new superstar in waiting.

JD Harmeyer got treated like a Hollywood star recently during a wild night out on the town. The Stern Show staffer told Howard all about it Wednesday morning, explaining the restaurant he and his friend went to was packed to the gills and they were only able to score a table because JD got noticed. From the sound of it, the staff did everything but roll out a red carpet for him.

“The chef recognized me and, you know, he sent out like a free appetizer thing or whatever, and some drinks got comped and whatnot. It was very nice. Very appreciative. Very nice guy,” JD said.

According to others with the inside scoop, however, JD was being modest. He wasn’t simply given “some drinks”—he was treated to Pappy Van Winkle, a high-end bourbon going for about $100 a pour.

“He’s downplaying it,” Howard told co-host Robin Quivers. “They set out a special table like he was Henry Hill taking his girl to the Tropicana.”

The staffer, who apparently consumed edibles at the dinner and split three bottles of wine, was in no position to dispute his boss’s claim.

“I actually don’t remember it because I was blasted out of my mind by then. Like, I didn’t remember how I got home,” JD said, later adding, “By the end of the night, my friend had to deal with things because I didn’t remember what was going on, to be honest.”

Howard was astonished, not only by the staffer’s wild antics but also his newfound celebrity status. “The sky is the limit for JD,” he suggested.

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