Gary Dell’Abate’s Dental Struggles Continue With Upcoming Root Canal

“The f-cking pain is excruciating,” Stern Show executive producer reveals to Howard

June 22, 2021

After nearly 35 years in the spotlight, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate’s teeth continue to be an integral part of the Stern Show. As he explained to Howard Monday morning, what he thinks was food caught in his teeth has led to such agony that he needs a root canal.

“It’s been like over 48 hours—I don’t even care what you guys say about me because the fucking pain is excruciating … I’ve got to try and get an appointment sometime today,” he revealed, even likening it to having a stent in his penis due to kidney stones. “I was eating dinner yesterday and then you accidentally chew on that side and then you hit that and it just reverberates through your whole body.”

While the pain took a turn for the worse this past weekend for Gary, it didn’t exactly appear out of thin air. “I was having some sensitivity in the tooth, Robin, and I went to see him, and he said … it looks like it might have cracked and so they fixed that part,” he told co-host Robin Quivers of visiting the dentist. “But it still continued to hurt and they’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s worse than we thought so now you’ve got to go get the root canal.”

Gary described such discomfort that even staffer Sal Governale—who has goofed on the producer’s teeth for over two decades—almost seemed sympathetic. “I’m sorry,” he said before quickly adding, “I’m sorry to the dentist.”

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