Gary Dell’Abate Had a Kilted Scotch Master Over to His House

“It’s a lame excuse for drinking, I’m not gonna lie,” Stern Show executive producer admits

June 7, 2021

Gary Dell’Abate recently detailed his penchant for collecting fine scotch and on Monday, the Stern Show executive producer elaborated that the hobby is so deep, he even had a scotch master over to his house. “The guy comes in a kilt … he puts out a bunch of single malts,” he explained to Howard and co-host Robin Quivers of the spirit-centric parties. “It’s a lame excuse for drinking, I’m not gonna lie.”

“They used to call those guys alcoholics, now they’re scotch masters,” Howard joked in response.

Having been to several of these scotch master sessions, Gary likened them to one of Robin’s wine tastings. “He kind of teaches you what’s good, what’s bad, how they make it, how it gets the color and all that stuff, and then you just keep drinking,” he noted before highlighting the natural conclusion to such an event. “By the end, you’re just so fucked up.”

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