AUDIO: Sal Governale Sells Richard Christy His Kidney in New Phony Phone Call

“I’m calling you from a bathtub full of ice,” Richard tells the unfazed Swap Shop host

November 1, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale have called into Swap Shop countless times over the years to buy and sell everything from firewood to the teeth of genocide victims, but on Monday morning the notorious pranksters took things in a very different direction.

“We got curious to try and sell some human organs,” Howard said before playing the new phony phone call.

“I’m calling you from a bathtub full of ice,” Richard began. “I got a scar on my side and my kidney is gone, so I’m looking to buy a kidney out there if anybody’s got one for sale?”

“I’m sure someone will be glad to help you out,” a completely unfazed Swap Shop host responded. “We do whatever we want here. We’ve sold rocket launchers on here before.”

There might not be too many potential organ sellers tuning into the Swap Shop on any given day, but Richard was in luck as Sal just so happened to be waiting in the wings.

“My wife Elsa and I are hurting for some cash and I got an extra kidney I don’t need,” Sal told the Swap Shop host before faking the removal of his own organ.

The staffers’ shenanigans didn’t stop there. Richard then called back in and revealed he’d made a mistake in his initial diagnosis and actually needed a new liver, which led to a call from an irate Sal who didn’t take kindly to removing the wrong organ.

“Shows like this you kind of look forward to a commercial,” the radio host said with a sigh. “I need somebody to screen my calls, please.”

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