VIDEO: Benjy Bronk’s Marathon ‘Mishegoss’ Leads to Major Blowout

“It’s exhausting,” Jason Kaplan says of dealing with fellow Stern Show staffer

November 5, 2021

When Benjy Bronk steps onto the starting line of the 50th TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, will he be wearing a microphone to cover the race? Due to much back and forth, it’s a subject that has caused growing frustration for members of the Stern Show staff. “It’s exhausting,” Jason Kaplan said of the constant logistical changes from Benjy’s end regarding the type of microphone he should use. “I get daily updates. ‘Benjy’s considering wearing the lav, Benjy might not wear the lav’ … I’m exhausted.”

Once Howard suggested to Jason he’s better off forgetting the segment all together, Benjy stepped in with a different story altogether. “That’s not how it happened at all … You are completely lying,” he objected. “We discussed if I could wear a lav. I said, ‘Is it cool if I try it out and if it works, okay, I’ll do it?’”

“Benjy, you’re missing the point. Here’s the problem with you,” Howard countered. “We say to you, ‘We’re sending you the mic, you tried it out, did you like it or not, you going to do it or not?’ … Just give the guy a fucking answer.”

As the discussion continued and Howard at one point indicated his staffer wasn’t being clear about using the lav mic or his own Bluetooth, Benjy became irate. “I’m 100-percent clear, Howard. You’re making up shit about me … to make a big story,” he accused. “It fucking pisses the fuck out of me.”

While Benjy continued to give Jason pushback on what actually happened, the latter was quick to give credit to staffers Richard Christy and Sal Governale for being so easy to work with on their segments. “We say, ‘Guys, piss in a bucket’ they say yes. We say, ‘Use this mic, put it here so we can hear the bucket’ they say, ‘Okay, no problem,’” he noted of the recent “Synchronized Peeing” stunt. “It takes 10 seconds with those guys. They are a pleasure to work with. This, this is just exhausting.”

“I would have loved for you to go cover the marathon and wear the mic but it’s turning into a whole mishegoss that has already come to me and I don’t want to know about it. That’s my truth,” Howard told Benjy before ultimately putting the decision into his hands. “I look forward to hearing it or not hearing it.”

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