AUDIO: Jeff the Vomit Guy’s Jamaican Roommate Hates Him

Plus, hear the Wack Packer compete against other vomit lovers in new prank call

November 15, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff the Vomit Guy might have found a potential connection with Debbie the Cum Lady but his relationship with his roommate of seven years is anything but copacetic. During a recent interview with Stern Show staffer Wolfie about his living situation, the Wack Packer admitted that his female Jamaican roommate is no fan of his.

“She would say I’m not clean, that she finds doody stains all over the place,” he said in audio that aired Monday morning. “Even today … I sat down on my comforter [and] I left a doody stain on it. So, she comes by, and she sees it … and she says, ‘No wonder there are always flies.’”

His roommate also takes issue with his at-home water enemas, which he conducts in their shared bathroom. “I find it a very helpful way to cleanse myself but she doesn’t like the fact that I use the bathtub to rinse out my ass … she doesn’t like the fact that I doody in the bathtub,” he said before acknowledging ancient plumbing only makes matters worse. “Sometimes the water doesn’t go down well right away in this very old house. It takes a while for the water to go down and only really after the water totally goes down, that’s when I can clean the tub.”

When a disgusted Howard had trouble wrapping his head around Jeff’s practices, Wolfie attempted to break it down for him. “I think what he’s doing, he first shits into the tub … and then he lays down afterwards and he sprays the water into his asshole to clean it,” he described. “He does get shit on himself because he’s got to position his ass to get the water into his asshole to clean himself … the shit water does touch him.”

Hear more about Jeff as a roommate (below).

The revealing interview with Jeff inspired a new phony phone where Jeff, who is constantly seeking to fulfill his fetish of having a woman vomit on him, is given a prospective woman to match with. Unfortunately for him, also considered are two other vomit lovers—Steve the Vomit Guy and Chris the Vomit Guy. “Jeff thinks he’s king of the creeps … For any competition to come in, he can’t handle that,” Wolfie explained.

Listen to the full call (below).

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff’s hygiene is so bad that staffer Richard Christy, who’s had his own struggles with cleanliness, chimed in to complain. “It is like another dimension smell, like something that immediately makes you want to run like 20 miles away,” he said of the Wack Packer’s body odor before unfavorably comparing it to farm smells. “A cow would die across the street from my parents’ house, and it would just get left there for weeks … and Jeff is the worst.”

During his appearance, Richard gave a rather shocking admission—that during a recent performance review, he cited his penchant for urinating in bottles as one of his strengths. “I went over all the great things I’ve done this year … one of the highlights I said was our synchronized pissing thing,” he remembered of the conversation. “That kind of led into the fact that hey, I pee a lot here in the basement and, you know, sometimes if you go an hour and a half without a commercial, I’ll just pee in a bottle and throw it in the trash can next to me rather than miss the show.”

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