AUDIO: Chef Beetlejuice Schools a Cooking Show in New Prank Call

“Salad is good … you can put blueberries, white berries,” the Wack Packer says

November 17, 2021

Richard Christy and Beetlejuice served up a brand-new phony phone call on Wednesday after the staffer chopped up some of the beloved Wack Packer’s food-related conversations from previous Stern Show appearances and used them to call into an internet cooking show.

“We love listening to your food show here at [cooking] school and I actually have my teacher right here next to me, famous French chef Beet Le Juice,” Richard’s character told the cooking show host in the clip.

Excited to speak with a renowned culinarian, the host peppered Chef Beet Le Juice with an assortment of questions ranging from his favorite dishes (“ham is good for people to eat”) to his thoughts on the perfect salad.

“Salad is good because you get more protein,” Beet Le Juice told the host. “You got breadcrumbs, you got cheese, you got apples, you can put blueberries, white berries … whatever you want to make it!”

The phone call got derailed, however, after Richard’s character broke the chef’s expensive crystal dish. “That cost me a lot of money,” Beet said shortly before beating him up. “I knocked you the fuck out.”

The violence proved too much for the host to take. “Oh my gosh, did you all hear that?” she asked before ending the show in a rush. “Hush your mouth.”

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