Most Memorable Wack Pack and Superfan Moments of 2021

From Ass Napkin Ed’s pinworms to a debate over the all-time greatest Wack Pack Packer

December 23, 2021
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

From a love connection between Debbie the Cum Lady and Jeff the Vomit Guy to a brand-new radio show hosted by Medicated Pete, the Wack Pack remained an essential part of what made the Stern Show great in 2021. Before looking ahead to 2022, look back at the past year’s most epic and unforgettable Wack Pack and superfan moments!

Debating the Greatest Wack Packer of All Time

In November, an impassioned discussion about which longtime Stern Show participants deserved to be in the Wack Pack Hall of Fame gave way to a fiery debate over who should be considered the greatest Wack Packer of all time. Plenty of names were thrown about, but in the end there were only two serious contenders: Beetlejuice and Eric the Actor.

“Beetle was amazing,” co-host Robin Quivers said. “There were people who hired Beetle just to come to their wedding.”

Sound effects extraordinaire Fred Norris begged to differ. He thought the late, great Stern Show staple Eric the Actor was “far and away” the best Wack Packer. “Eric brought his own game,” he said.

“Maybe there has to be two G.O.A.T.s,” Robin concluded.

Snoop Dogg Toplines a “Beetle in the House” Remix

Sharing the Wack Pack G.O.A.T. trophy with Eric the Actor wasn’t the only distinction Beetlejuice earned in 2021. In February, his hit song “Beetle in the House” received a star-studded remix, courtesy of Snoop Dogg, Big Freedia, and Sean Paul.

Howard and Robin praised the updated version of the tune. “I’m calling this the song of the summer for 2021, even though it’s winter,” Howard joked. “What a collaboration.”

“Amazing,” Robin agreed. “I wondered what he was doing, I’m glad he’s back in the studio working with the stars.”

Ass Napkin Ed’s Pinworms Result in an Itch Only a Toothbrush Can Scratch

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Not every Wack Packer update in 2021 was a good one. Ass Napkin Ed, for instance, shared a troubling medical development with Stern Show correspondent Wolfie.

“Medically, I have pinworms from taking a bath after somebody and using their towel,” Ed revealed, adding, “You wake up [and] your hole is extremely itchy, so I go in there with my toothbrush and start itching at it.”

Putting the theory that laughter is the best medicine to the ultimate test, Wolfie then connected Ass Napkin Ed with another pinworm-stricken individual: “Ass Napkin Chris,” portrayed enthusiastically by staffer Chris Wilding. “I use Hershey’s … to lure out the worms,” Wilding joked. “Mine would come out a foot long.”

Ass Napkin Ed was in disbelief. “What, was it like a piece of spaghetti?” he asked. “Sounds like a ramen noodle or something.”

Take a listen to the Ass Napkin Chris prank (below).

Big Dick Energy With Medicated Pete, Featuring Special Guest Ice-T

2021 threw the world plenty of curveballs, but perhaps no development was as surprising as notoriously inarticulate Wack Packer Medicated Pete debuting a summer radio show and interviewing actor and rap icon Ice-T.

Big Dick Energy with Medicated Pete was by most accounts a success, despite the interview getting off to a rough start as Pete repeatedly asked Ice-T “what’s up?” Things picked up after the Wack Packer’s mom made an appearance and complimented her son’s guest on his music, reality show, and new film “Equal Standard.” Ice-T seemed to love it. “That’s what’s up,” he said, adding, “Hey, you got a nice mom, Pete.”

Howard thought the rapper was an incredibly gracious sport about the whole thing. “I’m giving Ice-T a medal,” he said. “He was a gentleman. He was so nice.”

Angry Black Faces Off Against King of All Blacks

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After a multi-year hiatus, Angry Black called into the Stern Show in May to clue listeners in on how he’s been living since the onset of the pandemic. He told Robin and Howard about the single life, his new BMW, and how he’d become perhaps slightly less “angry” with age.

“Would it be fair to call you Mellow Black?” Howard joked.

“You know what? From time to time,” he responded before working himself into a tizzy about how he thought the world was taking the COVID-19 threat too seriously.

That’s when King of All Blacks chimed in with his own two cents. “He rubs me the wrong way,” he said of Angry Black, leading to an epic on-air clash between the two longtime callers which touched upon everything from vodka and sneaker brands to each other’s vaccination status.

Bobo Falsely Claims to Have Contracted COVID-19

Bobo is always excited to talk when dialing into the show, but as Howard has frequently lamented the longtime caller often has nothing of interest to say. In November, all of that changed when he phoned in with some major news: he’d recently battled through a severe case of COVID-19.

“I couldn’t breathe that well. I lost all my energy—I felt like I was run over by a freight train,” he recounted, adding, “If I wasn’t fully vaccinated, Howard, we’d be having a different conversation … [The vaccine] saved my life.”

A few days later, Bobo phoned back in with an even more shocking revelation. His COVID-19 diagnosis had been a false positive. The longtime caller had misled the show several times in the past, from embellishing his connection to the September 11th tragedies to flat-out lying about hanging out with Fred Norris, but this time Howard thought Bobo had gone too far.

“I’ve had it with this guy,” Howard concluded. “He tugged on my heartstrings the other day. I didn’t even make fun of him because I was upset he had COVID, and it was all bullshit.”

Debbie the Cum Lady and Jeff the Vomit Guy Make a Love Connection

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

There’s a rich history of Wack Packers pursuing romance on the Stern Show, from Wendy the Slow Adult’s one-time feelings for Gary the Conqueror to Medicated Pete getting hooked up for a date with a porn star. But Debbie the Cum Lady and Jeff the Vomit Guy took things to the next level in November when the two exchanged explicit fantasies over the phone, ultimately agreeing to mail one another their bodily fluids.

“I’m obsessed with a good load,” Debbie told Jeff. “You will explode like a hose, like you never did before … I need to get as much as I can.”

“That sounds like something that could be fun,” Jeff responded before sharing a few of his own desires. “What I would like from you is to be able to have you feeling nauseous, feeling kind of sick, feeling like you want to throw up, and use me as a human toilet,” he said. “I would love to actually have you throw up on me.”

Howard was shocked by how well the matchmaking went. “She’s not grossed out by him, and he’s not grossed out by her,” he said. “There’s a lid for every pot.”

Listen to more of Jeff and Debbie’s candid exchange (below).

John the Stutterer Returns

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After nearly a decade, Wack Packer John the Stutterer returned to the Stern Show in November after receiving what he believed to be a phone call from staffer Sal Governale.

Howard and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate told John he was likely mistaken and that Sal had never dialed his number, but the former Stern Show mainstay was unconvinced.

“Sal, I just called you a few minutes prior to me calling this number and you said that you could not help me because you were very busy,” he insisted. “He’s bullshitting you, Howard.”

Sal begged to differ. “May my house burn down right now if I spoke to John the Stutterer,” the staffer said, speculating John had instead been pranked.

Regardless of what really happened, the staff was happy to catch up with John the Stutterer. Hear a clip from his recent call-in (below).

A New-Look Jeff the Drunk Puppet Makes Its Debut

In June, the Stern Show’s all-new Jeff the Drunk puppet made its indelible debut. Sound effect extraordinaire Fred Norris brandished the lifelike marionette, which came complete with a hat, glasses, beard, and splotchy red face as well as the Wack Packer’s trademarked surly attitude.

“I’ll also be appearing at Trailer Con, Drunk Con, Unemployment Con, and I’ll be giving you imprints of the boils on my ass for $2.50,” the Jeff the Drunk Puppet joked, goofing on the real-life Wack Packer’s upcoming paid appearances.

“I work hard for my money,” the Jeff the Drunk Puppet continued, adding, “I’ve got a very difficult life. I sleep 18 hours a day with vomit on my shirt and shit on my pants.”

Beetlejuice Returns to the Show With His Very Own Cryptocurrency

Beetlejuice, arguably one of the greatest Wack Packers of all time, reemerged in December for his first Stern Show appearance since 2016. From a Georgia hotel room with his longtime manager Bobby, Beetlejuice told Howard and co-host Robin Quivers everything he’s been up to since his last visit, opening up about his love life, his impressive social media following, and even his true age.

The Wack Packer also told listeners about his very own cryptocurrency, which had reportedly grown in value rom $0.06 to $0.30 since getting off the ground. “BeetCoin is good. I’ve got the BeetCoin right here in my hand,” Beetlejuice said.

Remembering Eve the Queefer

In 2021, the Stern Show said goodbye to a one-of-a-kind performer as Howard and co-host Robin Quivers reported the passing of longtime guest Eve the Queefer, whose distinctive talents could hardly be put into words.

“We lost a friend of the show earlier this month,” Howard said, explaining the 39-year-old was, by all accounts, the best in the business at what she did.

Eve made her Stern Show debut in 2007 and visited the studio multiple times over the years, wowing the staff and listeners alike as she blew out candles and dropped experimental rap tracks.

Howard played several clips from Eve’s visits, including one in which she revealed precisely how she discovered her unique skillset. “It’s like hearing about Jimi Hendrix picking up that guitar for the very first time,” Howard remarked after hearing it, adding. “I’m sorry you’re gone.”

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