VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Reveals Why He Was Dropped by His Therapist

“I think I was complaining about the same things, repeatedly,” the Stern Show staffer says

January 5, 2022

Benjy Bronk shared new details Tuesday morning about his rocky relationship with his therapist and why she finally dropped him as a patient. He told Howard he’d been seeing her for several months and had just started to feel like he could open up to her … when she suggested they go their separate ways.

“I think I was complaining about the same things, repeatedly, and she said, ‘I think you should see someone else,’” Benjy explained.

Howard was surprised to learn a medical professional might fire their patient, but two different therapists called in and revealed it does indeed happen from time to time. “You can tell when your clients are challenging you and don’t even really want to be there,” said a therapist named Dave, who dropped a few patients of his own over the decades. “You can’t do much with that.”

That got Howard wondering what he and the therapist were even talking about. “Benjy, what’s the biggest issue you want help with?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not living the life I want to live … I want to be regularly doing standup,” the staffer responded, explaining he’s given comedy a shot in the past but got embarrassed whenever audience members recognized him from the Stern Show.

Jessica, a therapist who works in the prison system, called in next with another theory. “Benjy reminds me so much of the inmates that … you just can’t work with,” she said. “I also think that his therapist is experiencing some significant negative countertransference, which means he is reminding her of somebody that she has come across in her life before that she has such a deep, unresolved loathing for that she just can’t sit with him anymore—and it happens to us all the time.”

Benjy thought she was onto something. “Jessica, I think that Howard has that with me. Do you think that’s possible?” he asked.

“Benjy, you have that with everybody,” Jessica responded.

“Yeah, she’s right,” Howard laughed.

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