Weekly Stern Show Superfan Quiz: January 7, 2022

How big of a Howard fan are you? Take the weekly Stern Show Superfan Quiz now and find out!

January 7, 2022
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  • What is the name of the girlfriend Bigfoot brought in during a 2015 Stern Show visit?

    • Amy

    • Danielle

    • Lauren

    • Tonya

  • Chris Wilding was praised this week for gifting Howard a cameo from “My 600-lb. Life” star Dr. Now. Which other Stern Show personality once gave Howard the same gift?

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Gary Dell’Abate

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Sal Governale

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Mariann from Brooklyn

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show


  • What food was Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate caught eating when Howard was trying to make a speech during the 2021 staff holiday party?

    • Photo: Shutterstock / AS Food studio

      Chicken Parmesan

    • Photo: Shutterstock / Katrinshine

      Linguini With Clam Sauce

    • Photo: Shutterstock / vm2002

      Shrimp Scampi

    • Photo: Shutterstock


  •  Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s Christmas decorations this year included all but what?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Dragon

    • Snow Globe

    • Penguin

    • Vehicle from “Cars”

  • Staffer JD Harmeyer drank what expensive type of wine to celebrate his birthday over the break?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • Caymus

    • Far Niente

    • Opus One

    • Orin Swift

  • CO-host Robin Quivers raised eyebrows in 2009 when she ordered multiple bottles of an expensive wine on Howard’s dime. How much did each bottle cost?

    Photo: Howard Stern Productions
    • $400

    • $700

    • $800

    • $1200

  • Who did Gary Dell’Abate once accompany on trumpet?

    • Photo: DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock

      Blues Traveler

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      James Brown

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Joe Walsh

    • Photo: The Howard Stern Show

      Jon Bon Jovi

  • Howard first discovered Aurora’s cover of “Life on Mars?” on what television show?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “Dare Devil”

    • “Girls”

    • “Supergirl”

    • “The Good Wife”

  • In 1986, what Rolling Stones song did Fred Norris parody so well that their record company sent the show a cease and desist letter?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • “Harlem Shuffle”

    • “One Hit (To the Body)”

    • “Start Me Up”

    • “Undercover of the Night”

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