JD Harmeyer Admits He Cried After the Cincinnati Bengals Won Their First Playoff Game in Decades

Plus, Jon Hein and Richard Christy share updated Super Bowl predictions

January 18, 2022

JD Harmeyer wept tears of joy over the weekend after the Cincinnati Bengals won their first playoff game in over 30 years. The Stern Show staffer opened up about it on the air Tuesday morning, explaining how moved he was to watch his hometown team advance past the Las Vegas Raiders (the very same team his colleague Ronnie Mund now supports).

“It’s been a tough few years, but, yeah, now [the Bengals] seem to be pretty good, and I’m very excited,” JD told Howard. “It was a great game. I definitely cried a little bit.”

Considering how excited he claimed to be, Howard wondered why JD wasn’t breaking down on the air.

“I’m not Richard Christy. I can’t just pull up tears or whatever,” he responded. “I’m not like a sobber. When I cry just tears come out.”

While the win was indeed an historic one for Bengals fans, the team still has plenty more games to win before playing for the championship. Howard wondered what JD thought of his team’s match-up this weekend against the A.F.C.-leading Tennessee Titans.

JD was far from confident about Cincinnati’s chances. “The Bengals lost [defensive tackle Larry] Ogunjobi, so the defense is a little injured, but, you know, anything can happen,” he said.

Staffer Jon Hein, meanwhile, was incredibly confident—confident JD’s Bengals had no shot at making it to the Super Bowl. Even so, he called the surging Bengals “red hot” and predicted they would win their next game in Tennessee.

JD wasn’t buying Jon’s sudden praise. “He’s reverse-jinxing now,” JD said.

Jon ultimately predicted Richard’s beloved Kansas City Chiefs would emerge from the A.F.C. to play for their third straight Super Bowl. Jon believed outcomes were far less certain in the N.F.C. “I think the [Los Angeles] Rams can actually beat [the] Tampa Bay [Buccaneers] in Tampa. It should be a really, really good game,” he said, though he guessed Tampa Bay would in fact win its next two games to face Kansas City in a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl.

 “And they will win this time,” Richard chimed in. “Go Chiefs!”

While both Jon and Richard thought K.C. would make it all the way to the big game, they disagreed over who the Chiefs would play. Richard thought Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers had a better shot than the Tom Brady-led Bucs.

“That’s because Richard hates Tom Brady,” Jon interjected.

Richard didn’t deny it. Though he likes Tom Brady as a person, he reached his breaking point with the quarterback last year after Brady trounced the Chiefs. Richard was so annoyed by the thought of Brady competing for his ninth ring, he vowed not to watch the Super Bowl if the Bucs were in it. He told Howard he and his wife would watch “Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College” instead.

“Tom Brady is the greatest, but I’m tired of him,” Richard concluded. “Last year’s Super Bowl was brutal. It still affects me. I could cry right now.”

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