Beetlejuice Clashes With Sal and Richard While Recording a New Song

“I don’t have to explain nothing to y’all motherfu-kers,” the Wack Packer says

January 27, 2022

Beetlejuice’s eagerly anticipated Stern Show return last month was the gift that keeps on giving. After coming out of retirement to check in with Howard and announce the arrival of BeetCoin, the legendary Wack Packer stuck around for a while to compose an acceptance speech for the Wack Pack Hall of Fame, record a couple birthday messages, play a game, advocate for the COVID-19 vaccine, and make a brand-new song. But none of the bits went as planned after Beetlejuice became difficult to work with.

“He’s turned into a diva,” Howard said Wednesday morning before playing a clip of the Wack Packer refusing to thank his mother and his fans for helping him make it into the Hall of Fame. “I don’t have to explain nothing to y’all motherfuckers,” Beetlejuice said, adding, “Y’all some lazy motherfuckers, man.”

“He’s like a tiny Orson Welles,” Howard joked. “He’s angry.”

When it came time to record the song, Richard encouraged the Wack Packer to sing about making love or perhaps Marvin Gaye, but Beet grew belligerent. “Ain’t no making love,” Beetlejuice said, adding, “Marvin Gaye, he’s dead … What the fuck is y’all trying to do over here?”

The Wack Packer did eventually lay down a reggae track called “Nobody Making Love Beside Nobody,” but that proved to be the last of Sal and Richard’s successes. The staffers struggled to get Beetlejuice to participate in a game, record a nice birthday message for co-host Robin Quivers, and tell Stern Show listeners to get vaccinated. Their last request angered the Wack Packer so much he ended up storming out.

“Beetle’s like a slot machine. You put something in, but you don’t know if it’s going to come out—and we didn’t get anything,” Howard concluded.

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