VIDEO: Sheryl Crow Opens up About Her Career, Depression, Cancer, and More in New Documentary

‘Sheryl’ comes to Showtime on May 6

March 15, 2022

“It’s always hard to look back and talk about who you were ‘cause it’s only who you think you were,” singer and repeat Stern Show guest Sheryl Crow says in the trailer for her upcoming Showtime documentary “Sheryl.”

Nonetheless, the film takes a deep dive into all things Crow with the help of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the likes of Keith Richards, Laura Dern, and fellow Stern Show guest Brandi Carlile.

“Sheryl is the voice of a generation,” Dern says of the musician.

“You never questioned whether Sheryl was boss,” Carlile adds. “She’s so rock and roll.”

Directed by Amy Scott, the documentary addresses some tougher subjects, including depression and her bout with breast cancer. “I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was pissed,” she recalls at one point. “I was just like, ‘What the F just happened to my life?’”

The film also covers the musician’s unlikely rise from schoolteacher to star and the power that comes with her chosen profession. “There is something liberating about lifting your voice,” Crow notes. “It’s joy, man. It’s just joy.”

During her 2017 visit, Crow told Howard about her first break in the music business—singing a McDonald’s jingle. Check out the clip from that interview (below).

“Sheryl” debuts Friday, May 6 on Showtime.

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