VIDEO: George Takei Runs Into Some Hiccups as Host of NYC’s Inaugural Japan Day Parade

“I felt sorry for George, I just felt he was a little disrespected by the way the parade went down,” Stern Show staffer Memet Walker observes

June 16, 2022

Stern Show announcer, “Star Trek” actor, and Broadway producer George Takei can add another title to his résumé—grand marshal. As host of New York City’s first annual Japan Day Parade in May, George made an appearance on “The View,” where some of his spicier comments upset husband Brad. “When George starts talking about the … butt crack, the poor government of Japan—this is their spokesman,” George’s better half complained in audio played Wednesday morning. “That got me upset.”

“It’s an interesting dynamic. A lot of, I would say, passive-aggressive behavior towards each other,” staffer Memet Walker, who covered the event, said of the couple. “But the parade in general was kind of a mess. I felt sorry for George. I just felt he was a little disrespected by the way the parade went down.”

According to Memet, while things started off well with George atop a convertible and telling the crowd to “Live long and prosper,” some miscommunication led to the car continuing down the parade route without him. “It was so sad because the convertible was like dignified and it really has a sort of grand marshal grandness to it,” Memet recalled before adding, “and then he’s just put in this tiny, little, pathetic golf cart.”

“Ironically, he’s not prospering,” Howard joked of the longtime guest. “He’s been demoted to a golf cart.”

“It feels like he’s riding on a lawnmower,” co-host Robin Quivers responded.

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