AUDIO: Tan Mom’s Heart Broken by a Frenchman and More Wack Pack ‘Summer Bummers’

“I really thought this was going to be something different and special, but it just turned out to be another lie,” Tan Mom says of broken engagement

September 13, 2022

The Stern Show might have been off for just two months but for some Wack Packers, the time proved to be harrowing. On Tuesday, Howard, co-host Robin Quivers, and staffer Wolfie went over some of the “Summer Bummers” the Wack Pack went through, many medical related.

Bigfoot, who has been living in a group home, was upset that his housemates were engaging in group sex and not including him. “Somebody came in my room naked … and I’m not very happy about this,” he complained in one audio clip. They keep having sex and they don’t want to invite me.”

“I kind of relate to Bigfoot,” Howard joked. “I see people and I go, ‘I know they’re having sex, but no one is inviting me.’”

Another rough part of the summer for Bigfoot involved his now ex-fiancée Melody, who he accused of giving him a skin disease he’s had in the past. “I got scabies because of Melanie,” he said, calling his ex by the wrong name. “I went to her fucking sister’s place, spend one fucking night, and I end up taking scabies off her couch.”

“When you don’t know her name, it’s probably not going to work,” Robin pointed out about the broken engagement.

Jeff the Drunk also dealt with a health issue this summer, telling Chris Wilding he thought he might have broken his bad arm after taking a fall in his trailer. “When I put my sling on or take it off, it like clicks back and forth … but it don’t hurt or nothing,” he revealed before adding, “I want to get it chopped off anyway.”

High Pitch Erik had COVID-19 at one point, but it didn’t seem to slow him down at all. “I don’t have no symptoms … I’m still going out having fun,” he admitted to Sal Governale before noting his plans to visit a local smoke shop. “I’ll wear a mask because I need to get my cigars for the week.”

But it was Tan Mom who possibly had the most dramatic summer of all, which like her fellow Wack Packers, was partially spent under the care of medical professionals. “I was sick for four days. I couldn’t eat or drink, [I] was just spitting up like mucus,” she recalled. “Finally. I caved and went to the hospital [with] pancreas stones in my gall bladder.”

While she recovered from the stones, she still seems jaded by the brief engagement she had with a supposed Frenchman. “I was shocked and happy at first because I really thought this was going to be something different and special, but it just turned out to be another lie,” she said of her ex, before noting she was able to communicate with him despite the cultural barrier. “He knows American, so I didn’t have to worry about that … “[He called me] ‘his princess’ but I don’t buy any of it.”

And neither does Wolfie. “I said something doesn’t sound right about this guy,” he told Howard, explaining he thought it was a possible catfish situation. “She claims to me that this person flew to Florida and went into her house and immediately her kids were put off by the guy … I have no idea what’s going on.”

Listen to Tan Mom discuss the relationship (below).

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