Beetlejuice or High Pitch? Tan Mom or Mariann? Robin Guesses Which Packer Has the Most Instagram Followers

Plus, Jeff the Drunk calls in to serenade listeners with a tribute to Loretta Lynn

October 6, 2022

Co-host Robin Quivers played a new guessing game on Wednesday’s show as Howard quizzed her on which Wack Packer had the most social media followers. After listing a litany of Wack Packers, Robin narrowed it down to two likely candidates: Beetlejuice and High Pitch Erik.

“Until you [mentioned] Beetlejuice I pretty much had [Erik as my] pick. However, now … I’m going to say, no, it’s Beetlejuice,” Robin said.

“You are 100 percent right! Have you ever had your I.Q. tested?” Howard responded. “Beetlejuice has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and High Pitch Erik has 5,000.”

“There’s a big disparity!” Robin laughed before moving onto the next question: Mariann From Brooklyn or Tan Mom? “I think I have to go with Tan Mom,” she guessed.

“Unfortunately, you’re wrong. Tan Mom has 10,800 followers and Mariann From Brooklyn has 45,700 followers,” Howard said.

Robin was wrong again when Bobo was pitted against Jeff the Drunk. “I’m just thinking, ‘Who’s disliked more?’” she said with a laugh. “I’m going with Jeff the Drunk.”

“This is going to shock you,” Howard responded. “Bobo has 3,615 followers, Jeff the Drunk only has 890 followers.”

That’s when Jeff the Drunk called in with a barely decipherable excuse as to why he lost to Bobo. “I just got kicked off [social media because of] Bitcoin,” he said before quickly pivoting to another topic – paying tribute to recently deceased country star Loretta Lynn. “Oh, I’m proud to be a coal miner’s daughter,” the Wack Packer crooned as the Jeff the Drunk Puppet joined in.

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