Sal Governale Gives a Successful Psychic Reading to a Woman Who Found Him on Craigslist

Fellow Stern Show staffers Jon Blitt and Samantha Fontana also come out as true believers

March 21, 2023

Staffer Sal Governale has embraced his spiritual side in recent years, intriguing Howard and his listeners alike while conversing with dead celebrities and having supernatural encounters with birds, squirrels, and even pocket change. On Tuesday, the Stern Show put his mystical skills to the test.

“Jonathan Blitt posted an ad on Craigslist for a reading with a medium,” Howard said, explaining the staffer found several respondents who were interested in getting a reading from Sal the Psychic, including a woman named Cassandra who ultimately connected with him via Zoom.

“You decide if Sal is a gifted psychic or just an expert bullshitter,” Howard told listeners before playing clips from Sal and Cassandra’s close encounter.

“Do you believe in the Other Side? … You have a great energy,” Sal began before describing a vision he was having of a picturesque white wedding ceremony. “Is there a wedding in the works?” he asked.

“No, quite the opposite.” Cassandra said. “I’m actually separating from my husband, but we’re really good friends.”

Sal quickly pivoted, saying his vision probably meant “that phase” in her life was over. His maneuvering didn’t end there, either. After incorrectly guessing Cassandra had a sister or had lost a close female friend, he began to vaguely describe a woman in her 40s with blonde hair. Sure enough, Cassandra knew of a blonde-haired woman in that age range. Her ex’s sister, who had passed away. Cassandra grew emotional after Sal assured her that her ex’s dead sister was supporting her through the divorce from the afterlife.

“That means a lot coming from her,” she said while fighting through tears.

Next, Cassandra spoke to Sal about her deceased dad. Sal told her he kept flashing him fishing poles.

“He loved to fish,” Cassandra marveled. “That was his favorite thing to do.”

Co-host Robin Quivers couldn’t believe it. “Okay, now I have to have Sal read me,” she laughed.

After the reading ended, Cassandra gave Sal the Psychic some effusive feedback. “This is amazing and helpful, and I think [Sal] is helping a lot of people in a very unique way … It’s like going to the doctor but in a different way. You can’t put a price on like a gift like that,” she said, adding, “I’ve been to card readers before, [but this was] nothing like anything I’ve ever felt or witnessed.”

Howard, a longtime skeptic of the spiritual realm, wasn’t convinced. “The bullshit clock is right twice a day, you know?” he said at one point.

While Howard isn’t a believer, however, Blitt and fellow staffer Samantha Fontana both insisted Sal might really have a psychic gift.

“This was his first attempt, and I think he did great,” Blitt said.

“I don’t think Sal can tell the future. I think Sal is tapped into people who have passed, and I believe he gets signs, and I think they’re real,” Samantha told Howard before sharing a story about the time Sal attempted to contact deceased musician Leslie West on the air but inadvertently may have instead contacted Samantha’s father, a fellow musician who had just recently died. According to Samantha, Sal’s reading caused her to take a second look at her late dad’s guitar case, which in turn led to her finding a note he’d left just for her.

Howard was shocked by what he’d heard. “Sam, I can’t believe you of all people are a follower of the cult of Sal,” he said.

But she wasn’t the only one. “I have 20 people on Craigslist who are looking for readings from Sal – this isn’t a one shot deal,” Blitt reported. “I think Sal can help a lot of people in this country if not the world.”

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