PHOTOS: Wendy the Slow Adult Enjoys Lunch at Cracker Barrel With Wolfie

Wack Packer also ordered more food to take home for a "midnight snack"

March 29, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show correspondent Wolfie recently swooped down south to pick up Wendy the Slow Adult, one of the Wack Pack’s most beloved members, for an exciting outing filled with hearty foods and sugary drinks aplenty. When Wolfie arrived at Wendy’s home, he learned she had woken up late but was pregaming with some soda and a loud movie on TV.

“Wendy’s on a different cycle than most people,” he told Howard and listeners on Wednesday.

Wendy told Wolfie she didn’t get out much anymore and indeed just getting her into the car proved to be a challenge, but the two eventually arrived at Wendy’s favorite country-themed restaurant, Cracker Barrel.  She started off their meal by ordering herself two sugary drinks. “I cannot make up my mind, so I have to have a tea and a Coke,” she explained to Wolfie.

The indulgences only continued from there, as the Wack Packer ordered maple bourbon grilled chicken with cornbread, mac and cheese, fried apples, and an extra order of steak fries despite the fact her meal had already came with some. “I had to do what I had to do,” Wendy told Wolfie shortly before topping her meal off with a peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream dessert.

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were blown away by Wendy’s appetite. After doing the math, it seemed she’d consumed 4,650 calories in one meal, thanks in large part to the fact the Wack Packer ultimately downed six 32-ounce glasses of Coke and two-equally large glasses of sweet tea. Wendy may have set some sort of Cracker Barrel record with the sheer volume of liquid she consumed, too, as her server later told Wolfie she’d never refilled anyone’s drinks so many times before.

“We were there an hour-and-a-half to two hours and the eating was constant. There was not any break,” Wolfie said. “I was amazed.”

While waiting for her meal to arrive, Wendy couldn’t help but look ahead to her next edible conquest. “I’ll probably gonna order via take home the same thing I [just] ordered,” she told Wolfie. “So that way I can have a midnight snack when I go do my YouTube channel.”

Wolfie and Wendy spoke mostly about food in between bites. At one point, the Wack Packer confessed she preferred McDonald’s to Burger King. “I choose Ronald McDonald … because I’ve met that clown more than once,” she said. Later, she regaled Wolfie with a tale of an epic outing to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

“I almost ate about maybe 10 plates,” Wendy the Slow Adult told him, adding, “I threw up in the middle of the parking lot and my mom [had] a really disgusting look on her face.”

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