VIDEO: Richard Christy Won’t Stop Drinking ‘Rat-Sh-t’ Coffee

“It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life,” the Stern Show staffer exclaims

March 29, 2023

Richard Christy shocked colleagues and listeners alike on Wednesday morning with his latest disgusting revelation: the Stern Show staffer enjoys drinking “rat-shit coffee,” his nickname for a special type of Indonesian coffee brewed from beans that had first been partially digested and then defecated out by a small, shaggy-haired animal called a civet.

Howard was stunned. “You’re drinking something that came out of an [animal’s] ass? Seriously?” he asked his staffer.

“It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, Howard,” Richard declared.

“But it’s not coffee, Richard —it’s shit,” co-host Robin Quivers replied.

To Richard’s mind, that didn’t much matter. “I think they wash it, Robin — I would hope,” he said, adding, “Robin, if you eat some coffee beans and shit them out, I would probably drink the coffee from those beans.”

Richard wasn’t the only staffer to try civet coffee, either. He also tricked his cohort Sal Governale into drinking it. “It was really messed up,” Sal said. “I [take] a sip and go, ‘Wow, this is really great coffee.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, it’s rat shit.’”

Steve Nowicki, meanwhile, drank the coffee for two weeks before finding out an animal had previously digested it. “We Googled the beans and I was like, ‘That kind of looks like shit?’ And Richard’s like, ‘It is shit. I’ve had beer made out of that shit, too.’”

Richard defended his love of the beer, leading Sal to make an observation. “Richard loves anything shit,” he said. “I could just shit in Richard’s mouth and he’d be happy.”

“No, it’s gotta be filtered, Sal,” Richard laughed.

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