VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Richard Christy’s Super Bowl Pube Beard

“Sorry I’m spitting so much,” he tells fellow Stern Show staffers

February 21, 2023

Fans may have been shocked when Richard Christy agreed to wear a beard of Will Murray’s pubic hair despite winning their Super Bowl bet recently, but the aftermath was almost as wild. On Monday, Howard played behind-the-scenes footage of what happened off air and it was intense. “Sorry I’m spitting so much,” he said as he wiped his face off and shot some of Will’s hairs out of his mouth and into a trash can.

“You have it on your nose,” Stern Show staffer Derek Jones observed before asking for assistance over a walkie-talkie. “Is there a vacuum or a Dustbuster around here that we can try to clean off his jersey with?”

Richard then attempted to get out the remaining hairs by brushing his teeth and using mouthwash, to no avail. “I’ve got to get the pubes out,” he insisted. “Get out pubes!”

Even at home, the hairs proved elusive as Richard found them that night in his mouth and the next day in his work area. “What else has been found on that desk?” co-host Robin Quivers wondered.

Despite the struggles and bizarre unfolding of events, Richard’s dad was as supportive as ever when they spoke on the phone. “You’re braver than I am, bub,” the elder Christy told his son.

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