Richard Christy and Sal Governale Preview ‘Weekend of Horror’ on Howard 101

“I think Elvira was creeped out by Richard, honestly, because he just knew a little too much,” Howard observes of horror icon’s reaction to Stern Show staffer

October 26, 2022

In honor of Halloween this year, Howard 101 will be celebrating with a Weekend of Horror — highlighting some of the scariest moments of the Stern Show — and culminating on Sunday, October 30 with Richard Christy’s Favorite Halloween Special.

On Wednesday morning, Howard previewed the event by chatting with a very grateful Richard. “This has been a dream month and a dream Halloween season,” the Stern Show staffer remarked. “When you had me talk about ‘Terrifier 2’ on the air that was so goddamn fun, but also, for your channels, to let me do a Halloween special … I got to talk to [legendary horror movie host] Svengoolie, who was super nice, and I dressed as Svengoolie.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Richard is 50 times more fucked up looking than Svengoolie, like Svengoolie’s put together … he knows his look,” Howard observed after seeing a photo of his staffer (above). “It is disturbing seeing Richard as Svengoolie and I’m sure it threw Svengoolie [for] a loop.”

Also interviewed for the special were “Child’s Play” actor Alex Vincent and horror host icons Joe Bob Briggs and Elvira. “Elvira, I’ve been a fan of ever since I was a little kid,” Richard gushed. “She was so nice.”

“I think Elvira was creeped out by Richard, honestly, because he just knew a little too much,” Howard pointed out. “I think it was a little weird for her … He’s scaring Elvira.”

Joining Richard for the special will be supposed clairvoyant Sal Governale, who requested a special frequency track to help channel his psychic abilities. “Sal’s going to do a special reading, which is ironic because Sal can’t read in general,” Howard teased.

Fans in attendance will be dressed as their favorite Stern Show members and characters as part of a costume contest. Wrap Up Show hosts Rahsaan Rogers and Gary Dell’Abate will also be participating, but don’t expect the latter to wear a costume. “Dress as a producer,” Sal jokingly suggested. “No one will know it’s you.”

Tune into the “Weekend of Horror” all weekend long and “Richard Christy’s Favorite Halloween Special” on Sunday, Oct. 30 on Howard 101.

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