Latin Pop Superstar Anitta Talks Bisexuality, Butt Tattoos, Vaginal Cologne, and Working With Madonna

“Envolver” singer also opens up about her love life during her Stern Show Debut

May 3, 2023

If Howard thought he traveled a long way to get to SiriusXM’s Miami studios that was nothing compared to the journey undertaken by Wednesday morning’s guest, Latin superstar Anitta. Born and raised in a Rio de Janeiro favela, Anitta learned to sing and dance at a young age — even when that meant performing for drug dealers and getting in trouble with the police. She quickly found fame and became the pride of Brazil before taking her talents to the international stage where she’d go on to become one of the most influential recording artists in the world.

Going global isn’t easy, of course, but Anitta dedicated herself to becoming culturally and linguistically fluent in both Spanish and English as well as learning a modicum of French and Italian. These days, the 30-year-old recording artist knows six different languages, and if her conversation with Howard was any indication, she speaks candidly in all of them. Anitta didn’t hold back at any point Wednesday morning, talking to Howard about everything from her butt tattoo and intimate cologne to the time she was so nervous about collaborating with Madonna it gave her diarrhea.

“I got there a little earlier than her, thank god, because then I had time to take a shit,” Anitta recalled of her and Madonna’s recording session. “My stomach was just all crazy.”

While breakfast may have run right through Anitta that day, the memories of making “Faz Gostoso” with the Material Girl are forever cemented in her head. She especially enjoyed teaching Madonna how to sing in Portuguese. “She’s really smart,” Anitta said.

Anitta has teamed up with countless big-name acts over the years, like J Balvin, Iggy Azalea, Busta Rhymes, Maluma, Rita Ora, Becky G, Ozuna, the Black Eyed Peas, Cardi B, and Missy Elliott. She also featured rapper and Stern Show favorite Snoop Dogg on her platinum 2019 track “Onda Diferente.”

As Anitta remembered it, Snoop Dogg reached out after watching her Netflix documentary “Vai Anitta.” “It’s so funny … He called me and said, ‘I’m here for whatever you need from me.’ I was like, ‘I love you! … I need you to be on one of my [records],’” she recalled. “He said, ‘Whatever song you want.’”

“Oh, that guy’s a player,” Howard said with a laugh.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Anitta has collaborated with more than just Grammy-winning recording artists. She’s also partnered up with footwear brands, beauty products, and even vegetarian food companies. Howard was most curious about the fragrance line the pop star had released: Puzzy by Anitta.

“This is a spray that you spray in your most intimate areas?” Howard asked.

Anitta nodded her head. “In your pussy, in your butt, in your dick, in your balls — everything … [It’s for] men, women, everybody,” she said, explaining the cologne kept one smelling fresh for up to 12 hours.

The idea came to her after her backside got sweaty while performing on stage. “What is the butt? It’s two things doing this,” she told Howard while rubbing her hands together in demonstration. “That smells. And if we need deodorant in our arms [which] are getting fresh air some of the time, imagine the butt—it’s locked in a cave.”

“This is a nice odor,” Howard said of Puzzy. “Not too strong.”

The intimate conversation didn’t end there. Anitta also opened up about her discretely located tattoos, including the word “love” in red on her backside.

“Do guys go nuts [for it]?” Howard asked of the tattoo.

“They really gotta search for it,” Anitta said, explaining the tattoo was both tiny and strategically placed between her cheeks.

Why put it there? Anitta wanted to convince her dad that getting inked wasn’t all that painful, so she picked a sensitive body part and made him watch her get inked. “We were drunk and having fun,” Anitta laughed.

Love, Lust, and the 3-Month Rule

Anitta, who is bisexual but hasn’t been with a woman in some time, also opened up about romance and her sexuality.

“Could you fall in love with a woman?” Howard asked.

“I don’t think I could fall in love with a woman … but I wouldn’t say never,” Anitta responded.

In the past, Anitta lived by a “three-month rule,” meaning she broke off most relationships after only three months. Howard wondered the reason behind it. “What do guys seem to do wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Anitta admitted before listing one of her major turn offs — when someone is more interested in what she has and what she’s accomplished than who she is inside. “It kind of sucks,” she added.

She told Howard she’s matured considerably since turning 30 in March. “Now I’m being more selective,” Anitta concluded. “I don’t like wasting my time … I’d rather be alone and spend quality time with myself.”

Catch Anitta on Caliente channel 158 on SiriusXM.

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