AUDIO: ‘Woke’ Bud Light Items Cause a Frenzy on Dial-a-Trade in New Phony Phone Call

“I’m selling my Bud Light shirts, Bud Light caps, Bud Light koozies, even my dog’s name, Bud,” Richard Christy announces to host

May 19, 2023
Photo: Sports Illustrated via Getty Ima

The controversy of trans activist Dylan Mulvaney being featured on cans of Bud Light has now spilled into the world of buy-sell-trade radio.

On Wednesday, Howard played a new phony phone call where Stern Show staffer Richard Christy called internet radio show Dial-a-Trade to sell off anything remotely related to the beer. “I’m selling my Bud Light shirts, Bud Light caps, Bud Light koozies, even my dog named Bud, all my Bud Abbott and Lou Costello movies, my Buddy Hackett-autographed 8×10,” he declared to the host before listing a few more. “All the lights in my house, my Electric Light Orchestra album, my kid’s Lite-Brite toy.”

It wasn’t long before Sal Governale called to complain. “Dial-a-Trade’s gone woke,” he charged. “My pronouns are Dial-a-Trade sucks.”

Another caller, played by staffer Mike Pearlman, wanted to prove that nothing would happen if he drank the beer, before he turned into Richard Simmons.

“I guess you can go get medical attention,” the host suggested as he hung up abruptly.

Listen to the full call (below).

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