Mark the Bagger Calls in to Discuss His Upcoming Memoir

Book will cover the Wack Packer’s Stern Show appearances, ejaculation habits, and more

June 20, 2023
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard opened Tuesday show with exciting news for readers and Wack Pack enthusiasts alike. “Mark the Bagger has written a memoir,” he announced.

In a conversation with staffer Sal Governale, the beloved Wack Packer said he was co-authoring the sure-to-be bestseller with his ghostwriter and longtime friend, Anthony, though he didn’t yet know what it would be about. “I haven’t even seen a chapter of the book yet,” Mark told Sal, explaining he’d already dedicated two or three hours into helping Anthony pen the tome.

“’The Great Gatsby’ was written the same way,” Howard joked.

The Wack Packer’s big announcement led to a call from “Morgan Freeman,” who claimed to be narrating the audiobook, as well one from the real Mark the Bagger and his friend Anthony.

“It’s been 20-plus years of shenanigans and all kind of crazy shit going on with him,” Anthony told Howard, explaining that while he wasn’t getting paid to write the 50-page book — which he planned to title “My Homey With an Extra Chromey” he was eager to share Mark’s wild story. “There’s a lot of fun stuff that’s been happening over the years, but there’s also a lot of serious stuff,” he continued.

Mark the Bagger told listeners they could expect to read about bagging groceries, appearing on the Stern Show, filming movies with Bam Margera, ejaculating onto a carpet, and even the time he drove over a mailbox and wound up in someone’s lawn.

“It sounds pretty good,” Howard said of the Wack Packer’s book. “I’ll probably end up buying it, so congratulations.”

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