Memet Walker Battles Fred Norris, Gary Dell’Abate and Other Stern Show Staffers Over Preferential Treatment Accusations

“It was like a human centipede of people with their tongues up each other’s asses,” he complains of Fred’s Summer School appearance compared to his

September 18, 2023

Memet Walker has been criticized in the past for everything from his rejected bits to his gifts to Howard. On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer hit back, claiming that some of his co-workers get preferential treatment. His first complaint? The recent Summer School appearances of co-host Robin Quivers and Fred Norris, especially compared to his own.

“I was listening to the Fred and Robin episodes, and it was like a human centipede of people with their tongues up each other’s asses,” he told Howard. “The questions they asked Fred were literally like, ‘Why are you so great? When did you realize you’re so great? How does it feel to be so great?’ Then I get on the show and immediately it’s like, ‘Why do people hate you so much?’”

“That’s not what happened,” Stern Show executive producer and Summer School co-host Gary Dell’Abate countered before suggesting it’s Memet’s attitude that gets him into trouble. “You started the show combative, like you came at it like a rocket ship.”

Even when Howard began to praise Memet for his coverage of Gary’s vinyl party, the staffer remained on the defensive. “This is just yet again another example of why I’m underrated as a correspondent,” he charged before comparing feedback that fellow staffer Wolfie gets for his work.  “Wolfie goes to a place where like people get fists up their ass — I had to sit through this.”

“I wasn’t thinking about Wolfie, I was thinking about what a good job you did,” a baffled Howard responded. “Why bring him into it? Why not just shine?”

At one point, Memet defended a moment in his Summer School interview where he likened himself to the painter Vincent Van Gogh. “My point was not to say I’m a great artist, my point is to say I am under appreciated,” he explained. “I think one day when Howard is older and he’s like going through the yearbook of his life and looking back on people he will say, ‘God, I did not appreciate that guy enough.’”

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