Check Out Ronnie Mund’s Show-Stopping (and Heavily Tinted) New Glasses

"They’re not that dark. They just look that way,” the longtime staffer insists

January 22, 2024

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers had plenty they wanted to cover Monday morning, but breaking news and weekend updates had to take a backseat after the two got a look at Ronnie Mund’s “show-stopping” new eyewear.

“Oh my god,” Howard and Robin exclaimed in unison after seeing the septuagenarian Stern Show staffer’s stylish tinted glasses.

While some staffers thought their colleague was trying to look like the King of All Media, others thought Ronnie’s glasses were so tinted he looked more like a welder, a fighter pilot, or even an aging Terminator.

“I went a little darker, yes. I did go darker,” Ronnie admitted.

“I can’t see your eyes,” Robin retorted.

“Good. That’s the whole idea,” Ronnie countered, adding, “They’re not sunglasses. I can see perfectly at night. I can see perfectly in the light. They’re not that dark. They just look that way.”

No one could understand how Ronnie could see anything wearing his new glasses at night, but Howard’s longtime limo driver insisted his night vision was so good he wore them when he went out over the weekend.

“Did you carry a white stick?” Robin laughed.

As the debate raged on over what kind of glasses Ronnie was wearing, Howard reported 91 percent of the back office considered them sunglasses. He then asked listeners to weigh in. “Go to [Instagram] and tell us: are they sunglasses or are they tinted?” he concluded. “Let the audience decide.”

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