AUDIO: Bigfoot Can Barely Understand Any Word Wolfie Is Saying

“His accent is throwing me way off,” the Wack Packer admits

April 3, 2024
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

No one ever accused Bigfoot of being a world-class conversationalist, but on Wednesday listeners learned the Wack Packer’s frequent communication breakdowns might have more to do with how Stern Show correspondent Wolfie speaks. “Wolfie, there is something about your voice that, for a hard-of-hearing person, it’s difficult to hear you for some reason,” Howard suggested before playing clips of Wolfie and Bigfoot struggling to chat about topics ranging from digestive issues to purchasing a van.

Things got worse when Wolfie enlisted Bigfoot’s help in recording a song parody.

“[Say] ‘This is Bigfoot,’” Wolfie instructed.

“Mister Bigfoot?” Bigfoot responded. “I can barely hear you. What are you talking about? … You got me confused.”

Thankfully, Stern Show staffer Derek Jones was on hand to translate for his colleague. “Wolfie has a little bit of an accent,” Derek told Bigfoot before repeating the instructions for him in a way he could understand.

“His accent is throwing me way off,” Bigfoot told Derek. “I can understand [you] better than I can understand Wolfie — you’re coming in clear as a bell.”

Wolfie wasn’t about to give up, however. He instead adopted a few new accents for Bigfoot, including one of a deep-voiced man.

“Now you’re speaking my lingo,” Bigfoot replied. “I can hear you much better.”

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