Let the Jimmy Kimmel Surprise Party Begin!

October 20, 2015

Earlier in the show Howard revealed that he was going to surprise Jimmy with an in-studio party with some special guests since Jimmy always throws Howard parties when he’s in LA. And though they weren’t ready to get started quite yet, Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate interjected that one of the guests was threatening to leave if she wasn’t allowed in the studio immediately. That guest was of course, Tan Mom!

Jimmy was thrilled as Patricia stumbled into the studio in a shirt that foretold the disaster to come. Tan Mom, for her part, wasn’t very nice to the guest of honor, hurling insults left and right. “I think he’s too wrapped up in himself and he just sits there like a cock,” she proclaimed. Still, the connoisseur of tanning booths did concede that “Kimball” was a nice guy.

Ronnie The Limo Driver (and head of security) stood between the two of them for added security, which infuriated Tan Mom, but proved to be wise after she nearly tackled Jimmy while the two hugged (reminiscent of a Gary Busey/Robin Quivers moment).

“This is some party!” Jimmy quipped.

High Pitch Erik & Joey Boots Join The Party

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Next up at the party were High Pitch (who weighed in at heavy 417 lbs.) and Joey Boots to keep the festivities going. “I’m not hugging them,” Jimmy cringed as they walked.

Jimmy was upset he heard that while Erik once pleasured himself to the thought of Kimmel, he was now only doing it with Donnie Wahlberg. Erik confirmed that he once had a fantasy of Jimmy fellating him, but it was only a one-time thing, he insisted.

Howard noted that Erik was studying up to get his driver’s license, so Bobo (an government-sanctioned driving instructor) called in to throw a few test questions at him. Surprisingly, Erik answered two out of the three correctly (but we all had to suffer through Bobo reading through all of the multiple choice options).

Eric The Actor Live From Heaven

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The next guest to show up for Jimmy’s surprise party was Eric the Actor direct from little peoples’ heaven.

“I’m not dead!” he angrily screamed before answering a few questions and berating Jimmy for good measure.

Kimmel praised the show for the special week of programming on the anniversary of Eric’s death, which he found very moving.

Eric signed off with a defiant, “Bye forever.”

Medicated Pete, Fred The Elephant Boy & Mariann From Brooklyn

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jimmy was excited to meet Medicated Pete, who joined the party later in the morning, as he had never seen what he looked like before. Pete serenaded Jimmy with a beautiful rendition of “Purple Rain,” which Kimmel thought was actually not that bad.

They later discussed Pete’s dating life which has come up dry for the past three years after getting dumped by a disabled girl who he was sleeping with (who also happened to be in a wheelchair). “I’m as dry as a desert … as far as getting laid,” he said.

Jimmy ultimately offered to give Pete the $200 to rejoin a disabled dating site.

The final party guests, Fred the Elephant Boy and Mariann from Brooklyn, came into the studio and Howard excitedly told listeners that there was “a real who’s who of dipshits!”