Jeff the Drunk Celebrity

November 10, 2015

Jeff The Drunk called in later in the morning to talk about an event he has planned in California, but refused to turn off his Periscope, causing the phones to echo. Despite telling Howard that he had it turned off, Gary could still see him streaming live.

Howard got so annoyed that he told Jeff: “I’m not picking up on you; this is your last appearance,” after which Jeff totally lost it.

Nonetheless, Howard played a promo that Jeff cut for his upcoming event that will reportedly feature three hours of Jeff baking (really,) answering questions, and doing karaoke. There are tickets available for 40 people to attend live in California and infinitely more to stream on Periscope — but you have to be willing to fork up $20-40. The dress code is “business casual attire or nicer.”

“The event has a two drink minimum and a one-arm maximum,” Jeff’s “Lump” joked on the phone.

Tickets and more information can be found here.