Jeff the Drunk Has a Nasty, Nasty Cough

November 11, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard warned earlier in the show that he had an even more disgusting clip of Jeff the Drunk coughing than anything that’s been played on the air thus far.

Despite telling everyone that he was quitting smoking, Shuli reported that he was seen smoking on his Periscope recently. “He’s got zero willpower — that’s one thing I know about Jeff,” Howard said.

Before playing the clip though, Howard read an email from a fan who noted Jeff’s upcoming event in California is in Gardena, which is a really bad area according to him that can barely even be considered Los Angeles.

Jeff also called in, but was kind of down for some reason. “I am a defeated man,” he said. Shuli explained that he also had an anthrax scare live on Periscope recently and called 911 (who seemed to be pretty familiar with him). There’s little to worry about though considering he opened the letter with his mouth, so whatever was going to happen would have already happened.

After playing the disturbing audio of Jeff’s most recent coughing fit, Fred and Howard played dueling noises with Jeff’s cough and Gary’s throat clearing.

Before hanging up, Jeff told Howard that he spoke to Bubba recently who told him to pass along a message: “Tell Howard that at this point, I’m ready to come back for free.”