Tan Mom … Previously on the Stern Show

A peek back at the Wack Packer's previous boxing match

December 7, 2015

Today on the Stern Show: Tan Mom & Kayla Vas

Good morning everybody! We’re live today with a special segment featuring none other than Wack Pack sensation Tan Mom … and her upcoming boxing opponent Kayla Vas (former man, Marine, police officer). Tune in to Howard 100 on SiriusXM to get the full scoop and catch up with what happened the last time Tan Mom tried to box below.

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Tan Mom: Previously on the Stern Show …

Forget her unrelenting love for Sal and her unending calls that frequently start with the phrase: “Let’s cut to the chase.” Because what we’re here to celebrate today is Tan Mom’s fearless boxing career in preparation of her stiffest test to date. Before Kayla Vas, there was MILF Mom.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It seemed at the time like MILF Mom was a person who was invented just to fight Tan Mom (as no pre-existing celebrity was big enough). But all of that didn’t matter once the insults started to fly.

“Put some clothes on! Suck another d-ck you wh-re!” Tan Mom screamed.

“Come on, leather face!” MILF Mom shot back, causing Tan Mom to really lose her cool.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The lowest blow though may have come from our own Sal Governale who declared that he would be rooting for MILF Mom in this fight before trying to show Tan Mom his penis … naturally. Tan Mom took him down (well, a microphone cord took him down) and Sal apologized, and took it all back though.

The fight itself got underway with Tan Mom allegedly walking to the ring beer-in-hand before getting quite a beating from her opponent — but to her credit, didn’t seem to notice a whole lot. Take a look: