Jeff the Drunk is Jealous of Bobo

The Wack Packer sounds off on his new Periscope

May 11, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

During Tuesday’s show, Jeff the Drunk hung up on Howard after becoming offended and then absolutely exploded on his new Periscope account (since his old one got banned).

Howard wondered why Jeff continues to call in if he’s bothered by the show. “He feels entitled to be on this show,” Robin said.

A caller named Vince thought that Jeff “doesn’t want to face reality.” Howard brought Jeff on the air to defend himself, but within 30 second the Wack Packer had hung up again.

Howard played some clips from Jeff’s Periscope where he suggests the “King of All Media” moniker be changed to the “King of All Trolls” instead.

Howard wondered if it was time to impose a No Jeff Summer but picked up again on him to see why he was so upset.

“I get treated like shit!” Jeff fumed.

“Bobo gets treated like shit, but he doesn’t hang up like a baby,” Howard told the raspy-voiced Periscope fiend. Howard even brought Bobo on the line to set Jeff straight.

“You’re a baby!” Bobo scolded his fellow Wack Packer.

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