‘Benedict’ Bobo Gets Pranked

Howard and Sal pull one over on the Wack Packer.

May 18, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Immediately after getting on the air Wednesday, Bobo asked Howard a question he said came to him in a dream: “Are you still painting? And if so, what artist do you most admire?” Bobo wondered whether it might be Rembrandt, Picasso, or (surprise, surprise) a painter named Paul Cézanne.

The last name, of course, gave Howard pause. Immediately he accused Bobo of not writing the question since he thought there was no way Bobo should know of Paul Cézanne.

First, Bobo explained that his mother painted. Next, he flip-flopped and admitted he had a little help from fans. “I got seasoned a bit here and there,” Bobo said, beating around the bush. “Somebody helps me out a little bit.”

Howard pushed further, insisting that it had to be a Stern Show insider since he talks about Cézanne in meetings at the office. “I fucking think Bobo’s lying to my face,” Howard said, feigning anger. “You promised me you’d never lie to me again.”

The Wack Packer squirmed under the pressure, eventually offering a shocking answer: “All right it’s Sal,” Bobo said.

Howard went with it and brought Sal into the studio, yelling: “You’re fucking fired!”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Bobo, how fucking dare you,” Sal exploded. “He’s fucking lying!”

Bobo again began to bow under the pressure. “You guys put me in such a ‘cragmire’ here,” he bemoaned. Finally, he admitted it wasn’t Sal. “I had a temporary lapse of insanity in my judgement,” he said.

Howard then told Bobo he had two options: he could reveal the name of the question’s creator or be banned from the show for another summer. “This is the integrity of the show,” Robin added.

“Alright, I’m sorry,” Bobo said finally. “It’s Shuli.”

Howard kept the prank going for a few more minutes by “firing” Shuli and thanking Bobo for giving him up. Before the Wack Packer had a heart attack, though, Howard made the big reveal: “Bobo, you’ve been pranked.”

“Oh my God, you guys got me – hook, line, and sinker,” Bobo said, sighing with relief.

No one thought Bobo would wind up implicating Sal instead of Shuli, though Howard found that development particularly funny.

“You’re great at being a lying asshole, Bobo.” Sal concluded. “You found your niche.”