See If You Can Answer These 8 Guns N’ Roses Trivia Questions

How well do you know Axl Rose, Slash, and the rest of the legendary rock band?

July 18, 2017

Two Guns N’ Roses superfans were put to the test Tuesday morning in a five-round competition to win a pair of tickets to see the legendary rock band perform live at the Apollo Theater. The first round consisted of some tough trivia questions. See how many you can answer (below)!

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  • 1. What band did Guns N’ Roses open for on tour when their debut album “Appetite for Destruction” was released?

    Photo: Geffen Records
    • Metallica

    • Aerosmith

    • AC/DC

    • Bon Jovi

  • 2. What town did Axl Rose grow up in?

    Photo: AP
    • Waco, Texas

    • Hampstead, London

    • Evansville, Indiana

    • Lafayette, Indiana

  • 3. Which music legend did lead guitarist Slash catch in bed with his mom?

    Photo: The Howard Stern Show
    • David Bowie

    • Waylon Jennings

    • Prince

    • Mick Jagger

  • 4. What name did Axl Rose go by until he was 17 years old?

    Photo: PRPhotos
    • Axl Rose

    • William Bailey

    • Butch

    • Rose

  • 5. What label released “Appetite for Destruction”?

    Photo: iStock
    • Atlantic Records

    • Geffen Records

    • Warner Bros. Records

    • Columbia Records

  • 6. What is Guns N’ Roses’ only Billboard No. 1 song?

    Photo: AP
    • “Mr. Brownstone”

    • “Welcome to the Jungle”

    • “November Rain”

    • “Sweet Child o’ Mine”

  • 7. Which Guns N’ Roses member owns the rights to the band’s name?

    Photo: Getty
    • Axl Rose

    • Slash

  • 8. At what restaurant did the band first meet bassist Duff McKagan?

    Photo: PRPhotos
    • Canter’s Deli

    • Jerry’s Famous Deli

    • McDonald’s

    • The Cheesecake Factory

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