Year in Review: Robin Quivers and Ronnie Mund’s Most Memorable Moments

Hear Ronnie’s new poems and a supercut of the best Robin sound drops from 2017

January 2, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before kicking off 2018, Howard took a look back at 2017 during Tuesday’s Stern Show, recalling some of his cohost Robin Quivers and his limo driver Ronnie Mund’s best on-air moments from this past year. And as a special treat, Ronnie penned a few new poems to close out 2017 and read them aloud while in the studio.

Check out Tuesday’s Year in Review highlights (below).

Ronnie Writes New Poetry

Ronnie Mund reads his new poems during the first Stern Show of 2018 Ronnie Mund reads his new poems during the first Stern Show of 2018 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Even though none of Ronnie’s new poems had anything to do with what happened in 2017, Howard still thought they’d be a great way to close out an incredible year.

“Maybe I’m nuts but your poetry’s getting better,” Howard said with a laugh after listening to Ronnie’s poem “The Beautiful Butthole.”

Take a listen to some of Ronnie’s new poetry (below).

Robin’s Sound Drops Supercut

Anything said on a Stern Show mic might come back to haunt you in the form of a sound drop – no one is more aware of that than Howard’s longtime cohost Robin Quivers. In 2017, staffers Sal Governale and Richard Christy were listening carefully and put together a supercut of some of the funniest things that came out of Ms. Quivers’ mouth.

Take a listen to Robin’s sound drop supercut (below).

Robin Sings Her Heart Out in 2017

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Perhaps more than anything else, 2017 was the year of Robin Quivers singing. Howard of course had to look back at some of the incredible new tracks she recorded last year, including Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb.”

Click here to hear all three performances plus more from Robin’s “Divas Project.”

Ronnie Becomes Jamie the Farm Girl

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It didn’t take much for hypnotist Scott Schmaren to convince Ronnie Mund he was a 28-year-old farm girl named Jamie while he rode a vibrating speaker. Howard was still laughing about that unforgettable scene during Tuesday’s Stern Show.

Take a listen to Ronnie’s speaker ride (below) and click here for more.

Robin Gives More Details About Her Legendary San Francisco Incident

Photo: iStock

Robin may have left her heart in San Francisco, but she didn’t leave behind the details of one steamy sexcapade she once had there with a mystery man many years ago. Those in the studio were still debating on Tuesday’s Stern Show just what happened that night even after Robin tried to explain. One thing’s for certain: Robin Quivers continues to be one of the most fascinating women on the planet.

Click here for more details of Robin’s San Fran romance.

Ronnie Wishes He Could Become a Woman

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

There was no hypnotism involved when Ronnie admitted on air he had a fantasy of becoming a woman for one day just to see what sex feels like for the opposite gender.

Click here for more of Ronnie’s startling revelation.

Ronnie Becomes a Movie Star

Shuli Egar with Ronnie Mund in his movie trailer Shuli Egar with Ronnie Mund in his movie trailer Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A star was born in 2017 and he goes by a single name: Mund.

That’s all Ronnie allegedly said while checking in on the set of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock’s upcoming movie “The Week Of.” The limo driver has a small part in the Netflix film, but according to Stern Show staffer Shuli Egar he showed up with the attitude of a lead actor.

Click here for more on Ronnie’s acting alongside Adam Sandler.

Robin’s Newfound Love of Wind Chimes

Robin Quivers opening her wind chimes gift in 2007 Robin Quivers opening her wind chimes gift in 2007 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

She famously scoffed at receiving wind chimes as a Christmas gift back in 2007, but ten years later it would appear Robin Quivers has had a change of tune. She now hangs them all over her yard and enjoys the gentle noises they emit. A few months after admitting her fondness for wind chimes, Howard gave her the biggest set he could find as a birthday gift.

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