Tan Mom Says She Wrote a ‘Hysterical Skit’ and Wants to Perform Stand-Up with Shuli

“It’s really funny. It’s all written,” the Wack Packer explains

March 27, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil has been entertaining Stern Show listeners for years now with stories from her life, but if everything goes according to plan, you may soon be seeing the Wack Packer hit a stage with her new live act.

Patricia recently called Shuli Egar — who along with his Stern Show duties also performs stand-up — to let him know about her own comedy aspirations.

“I understand you want to do some comedy as well,” Shuli prompted her in the clip (below).

“Oh yeah, with you. I wrote a skit out. In my lack of free time, I wrote a hysterical skit,” Tan Mom told him. “It’s all based on, like, what’s going on with me, how you guys at the Stern Show and what we have been through for so many years and laughing, and fun, and security, and cops, and jumping off balconies.”

Tan Mom assured Shuli that the sketch is “really funny.”

This wouldn’t be Patricia’s first time on stage, either. Shuli recounted how a couple of years ago he heard she visited Dangerfield’s Comedy Club on a night when fellow Wack Packer Nicole Bass got up in front of the crowd. After convincing the club she was a comedian, Tan Mom gave the audience her best shot. “From what I heard, the maître d’ had to come up and pull her offstage,” Shuli told Howard.

Nonetheless, Howard was sold on the abstract premise of her sketch and told his staffer to play it out. “Come in here and do her sketch, whatever it is,” he instructed with a laugh.

Shuli also got an update on Tan Mom’s living situation as she has reportedly been residing in a hotel due to some complications with her house. And as it turns out, she seems to be considering a real change of scenery.

“The latest update with her now is … she’s moving to Florida, possibly. She went out to Florida to scout some locations with her husband,” Shuli revealed.

Considering her passion for tanning, Howard thought it all made sense. “First of all, that’s going to save her a ton of money … go right outside and do all the tanning she wants. It’s kind of weird that she doesn’t live in Florida,” he added upon hearing the news.