Howard Reads Richard Christy and Sal Governale’s Latest List of Segment Ideas for the Stern Show

One outrageous pitch includes the staffers, a curtain, and their mothers

April 11, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Stern Show staffers Sal Governale and Richard Christy put their heads together to come up with in-studio segment ideas, they never fail at shocking their fellow co-workers. On Wednesday morning, Howard ran down the latest list of pitches the two recently submitted, some of which couldn’t even be done on the Stern Show for legal reasons.

“You gotta hear these pitches,” an astonished Howard told his co-host Robin Quivers.

First, the guys offered to go a few days without wiping themselves so they could then come in the studio, drag their asses on the ground, and see who could leave the longest streak.

“You know, like when a dog scratches his ass on the rug?” Sal explained.

Richard described their next bit, one which involved them literally peeing on each other. “We stand back to back, you know like in the Wild West, you walk three paces and turn around and the first guy to piss all over the other guy wins the duel,” Richard said with a laugh.

They also suggested a “strongest stream contest” in which they’d try to hit a target with their urine in order to fill a balloon, similar to a game one would see at a carnival.

As any regular Stern Show listener well knows, neither Richard nor Sal have any issue getting completely naked for an on-air prank. On Wednesday, Richard explained to Howard he found a secret compartment within the studio that he wanted to hide inside of, only to later pop out during one of Howard’s interviews wearing nothing but a gimp mask and a sign that reads “Help Me” in order to see what the celebrity guest would do.

However, there was one idea that both Richard and Sal were unsure about participating in. Since the Stern Show’s executive producer Gary Dell’Abate had no problem picking Sal’s penis out of a lineup, would Sal’s mother be able to do the same?

“I don’t even know if I have the balls to call her to ask her,” Sal admitted.

As for Richard, he wouldn’t mind his own mom seeing him nude but he does take issue with her seeing the penis of someone she doesn’t properly know. “I don’t mind her staring at my dick, I don’t want her staring at strange dicks,” Richard told Howard. “Maybe me and Benjy. She knows Benjy.”

“I’ll tell you what’s odd for me … trying to figure out where you draw the line,” Howard told him.

“I want to be respectful towards my mother,” Richard replied.

Sal and Richard aren’t the only staffers being considered for future radio hijinks — Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund’s name also came up for who should try out a vibrating egg device with varying speeds that can be controlled by another user. Already, SiriusXM’s legal team is requiring further information before giving the green light on this segment.

“The lawyers requested a picture of the egg,” Gary told Howard. “We’re working on it.”

Even though Ronnie admitted to being pegged years ago and recently reviewed a sex toy after trying it out with his fiancée, he wanted nothing to do with the vibrating egg idea.

“I think Sal and I might be up for that if Ronnie isn’t,” Richard told Howard, to no one’s surprise.