Gary Dell’Abate Finally Scores an Invite to Dinner with JD Harmeyer, Ronnie Mund, and Jon Hein

“It’s definitely different with him there,” Jon tells Howard

May 7, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate may have been left off the guest list for JD Harmeyer’s 38th birthday party and upcoming wedding, but he did finally get an invite to have dinner with JD and his fiancée alongside Jon Hein, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund, and their significant others.

“I actually expected it to be a little wilder. It was just very nice,” Gary reported on Monday after dining with his coworkers.

The dinner was at a restaurant in Long Island City, which Gary took exception to considering it cost him more than an hour of travel time. Howard wondered if the location was chosen to discourage Gary from attending, a notion JD quickly put to rest.

“We actually picked the place before we, like, fully decided to invite him,” he said. In fact, this particular restaurant was chosen to accommodate another staffer who happens to be a notoriously picky eater.

“I love Jon, but yeah … I just wanted to make sure he liked the place and knew the food there,” JD further explained.

Moreover, while Gary is known to be quite chatty, he reportedly took a back seat in the conversation on Friday night—and maybe not by choice. “We didn’t let Gary take over the conversation … We would shut him right down,” Ronnie told Howard.

Ronnie Mund at JD Harmeyer's 38th birthday party Ronnie Mund at JD Harmeyer’s 38th birthday party Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jon added while the dynamic wasn’t ruined by any means, it was “definitely different with him there.”

Gary even acknowledged feeling a little bad when the evening concluded. “The six of them are very tight. So, I think adding an extra couple made it so that other people couldn’t talk to each other,” he admitted.

Nevertheless, all attendees reported having a nice time and Gary said he is considering inviting the group up to his house for another dinner together.

The next one might even include Richard Christy, who was unable to attend over the weekend due to his baby, but still took some time to drop off a couple of bottles of wine for his friends to have at dinner in his stead.

“Look at everybody getting along,” Howard happily noted.