AUDIO: Wendy the Slow Adult Couldn’t Stop Coughing and Laughing While Recording With Richard Christy

Hear outtakes from the Wack Packer’s post-Conclave studio session

May 23, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Slow Adult joined some of the Wack Pack’s leading minds on Tuesday morning to decide whether or not they would welcome newcomer Marfan Mike into their ranks. And even after spending hours deliberating the case, Howard reported Wendy stayed late at the Stern Show studio to record extra material with Richard Christy.

“Not only was Wendy part of the Wack Pack Conclave, we got her in the studio to record some bits and things,” Howard explained.

Upon first entering the back studio, Wendy ran into Memet Walker, who she proceeded to ask out on a date despite revealing her budding romance with Gary the Conqueror live on the air that day.

She then got to work with Richard but had to stop on multiple occasions due to both coughing and laughing fits.

Howard wondered if the cough was the result of a cold, but Robin Quivers, a former nurse, had a different diagnosis. “I don’t think that’s a cold,” she said. “I think she’s just choking.”

“All I know is during this recording session she was getting very winded from eating and drinking so fast. She was cracking herself up, too,” Howard said.

Hear some of the outtakes from Wendy the Slow Adult’s recording session (below).