AUDIO: Did Richard Christy Sh-t on the Stern Show Bathroom Wall?

“Mine does look that color,” the staffer admits while examining the photographic evidence

June 27, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The in-studio panel assembled for Wednesday’s Stern Show quickly turned into a police lineup after Howard learned someone had made a mess all over the staff bathroom wall.

“Gary just brought me a picture of our bathroom,” Howard announced on air. “There is a huge piece of shit on the wall.”

The excrement in question was photographed prior to being cleaned up by Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer. Since he comes in earlier than anyone else on Howard’s team, he didn’t want to be blamed for the feces on the wall. And this isn’t the only time he’s wiped up something someone else has left behind.

“I’ve cleaned off a lot of piss … in that bathroom,” JD said. “I cannot lose that bathroom privilege.”

Though several were accused of being close to the crime scene around the approximate time the mess was made, Richard Christy became the clear leading suspect. He told Howard he’d no doubt be able to I.D. his own doody before examining the photographic evidence.

“Um, it could be,” Richard said while looking at the picture. “It looks like my shit. I’m sorry.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In total disbelief, Richard tried to make sense of how he could have done such a thing, swearing if he did indeed get his own bodily waste on the wall it was by no means intentional. “I kind of stand up a little but I don’t fling it,” he described of his wiping technique. “I take the toilet paper and go from both sides and pull in.”

Regular Stern Show listeners will no doubt recall Richard’s long list of issues with his own bladder. In 2017, he came clean about soiling himself while at work. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to wear his dirty underwear or from shaking an unsuspecting Dr. Drew’s hand on his way out of the bathroom. He had another accident later that year at home and again did not change his underwear before coming in to work.

Richard’s officemate Sal Governale revealed to Howard those two times are hardly isolated incidents, either. “He shits his pants, Howard, in our studio all the time,” Sal said. “You can hear the spray come out of his ass.”

With that testimony and all the evidence stacked up against him, Richard conceded his guilt. “Just say it was me ‘cause there’s no way I can deny it,” Richard said with a laugh.