Howard Tries Digesting the Strange Eating Habits of JD Harmeyer, Benjy Bronk, and High Pitch Erik

Plus, the Stern Show receives another shipment of lox but this time it isn’t Gary Dell’Abate who overindulges

November 28, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Between staffer JD Harmeyer’s shocking lunch on Tuesday and an edible delivery from a Wrap Up Show veteran which caused at least one person to load up on carbs, there was plenty to talk about on Wednesday’s show regarding the eating habits of the Stern Show staffers and one member of the Wack Pack.

Howard began the discussion Wednesday morning by revealing he had stumbled across JD eating his lunch a day earlier and was stunned by what he witnessed.

“He was packing it in yesterday, man,” Howard explained. “He has little plastic bags. Everything in his lunch is separate from everything else.”

JD chimed in, saying that when he or his wife packs his lunch each element is placed into individual plastic bags because he prefers eating his meal items separately. “It just keeps them in a nicer way, I dunno,” he explained.

“Yesterday seemed like a heavy baggie day,” Howard told him. “It seemed like you had a lot of different compartmentalized foods.” Howard also thought he remembered JD drinking a juice box, but JD was adamant he didn’t.

“There was no juicy box, idiot!” JD laughingly fired back at his boss.

JD said the full contents of his lunch included a bag of sweet potato chips, a bag of mini-Oreo cookies, a sandwich, an apple, and a Coke. While that may not have been the healthiest of meals, it had more nutritional value than his breakfast on Wednesday: two chocolate truffles.

Also on the menu Wednesday morning for some staffers was bagels and lox, thanks to Wrap Up Show regular Laura Lippman who graciously had some delivered to the Stern Show office. Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate was memorably called out for bogarting the lox the last time a guest had some delivered, but this time it was another staffer who may have hogged too much for himself.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

According to sources inside the office, Benjy Bronk’s breakfast consisted of a handful of pretzels and two full bagels with butter and lox. Gary revealed Benjy’s breakfast paled in comparison to what the staffer ingested on Tuesday, however, which included two pieces of chocolate, two 400-calorie peanut butter & jelly “jamwiches” from the office vending machines, a bag of plantains, frozen strawberries, and 10 pieces of cantaloupe and honeydew melon leftover from Ringo Starr and his entourage.

“He’s like a buzzard,” Robin exclaimed.

But Benjy’s day wasn’t done yet. After leaving the office Tuesday, he went on to eat two separate dinners, including a spaghetti with faux meat dish early on in the night and Chinese food delivery around 10:00 p.m.

“Benjy, what are you doing to yourself?” Howard wondered after hearing how late his employee was dining the night before a live show.

Benjy came into the studio to discuss his eating habits but didn’t try and mount a defense. “I agree,” he told Howard. “I feel sick now. I was feeling hungry—I rarely feel hungry. I felt full but also hungry.”

Howard admitted he feels hungry a lot, too, but works towards having the willpower to answer every food craving he gets. He then ran through what he usually eats on a normal day at work. “I have one yogurt. This yogurt has no sugar in it. It’s devoid of everything—it’s the most vile yogurt on the planet,” Howard said with a laugh adding his also puts a handful of blueberries and a tiny bit of granola in his yogurt.

“You eat that … with a huge cup of coffee,” he continued,” That’s it, the party’s over.”

Howard then described the egg wrap sandwich he has daily for lunch which Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund brings him right after every show end. And for last night’s dinner, Howard went out with his wife Beth and ate a beet salad and a small portion of Rigatoni alla Norma before treating himself to a well-earned dessert. “I went a little crazy,” he said. “I had one chocolate cookie.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wack Packer High Pitch Erik also called in to offer Benjy advice, but the conversation quickly changed to his own eating habits following last year’s gastric sleeve surgery. He claimed his new regimen included only a protein shake with almond milk for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and two hard boiled eggs for dinner, but Howard was reluctant to take him at his word considering he still weighed in at 279 pounds.

“I don’t go to anymore fast food joints,” Erik told Howard, saying he’s also given up soda.

Gary revealed High Pitch recently traveled to Las Vegas, but the Wack Packer insisted he abstained from the city’s infamous buffets. He did say he enjoyed turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving, but was able to resist the call of dessert. Howard remained skeptical but realized he could soon find out if Erik was telling the truth or not during his upcoming lie detector test. High Pitch will be stopping by for the Stern Show’s on-air Christmas show and will be given a polygraph exam to determine once and for all if he is a gay man. On Wednesday morning, Erik maintained he fantasized about women just as much as men, but it sounds like he’s still crushing very hard on his “Blue Bloods” co-star Donnie Wahlberg.