AUDIO: Ronnie Mund Delivers Two Nights of Strip Club Fun at ‘Ronnie-Ween’

Plus, Steve Nowicki gets up close and personal with one exotic dancer

November 6, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After weeks of promotion on his Twitter account, Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund finally made his two-night “Ronnie-Ween” appearance at Gossip, a strip club in Long Island, and reportedly didn’t disappoint his fans.

Despite the event’s poster featuring a photo of his face photoshopped onto Dean Cain’s body, Ronnie told Howard he did not meet anyone who felt catfished by him.

In fact, Ronnie said he was treated like a V.I.P. by the event’s organizers who put him up in a “cool hotel” to nap, eat, and rest his vocal cords ahead of time.

Despite the posh accommodations, Ronnie delivered an uncharacteristically tame introduction for his co-headliner, porn star Jessa Rhodes. Luckily, though, after downing two gin and tonics, Ronnie returned to the stage for Jessa’s second performance of the night and went into full overdrive. Hear audio from the night (below).

“I had a bunch of friends show up and we got a little trashed,” Ronnie admitted.

The confession shocked no one after Howard played additional audio of his limo driver’s reaction to a fire alarm going off in the club (below).

Steve Nowicki was also in attendance to report on Ronnie’s antics and got quite comfortable while at the event.

“[A] stripper shoved her panties in your mouth?” Howard questioned after hearing a rumor in the office.

“That did happen, yes,” Steve revealed. “She had this whole, like, choreographed routine so I kind of felt bad. And she started, like, fingering them into my mouth. So, I let them in a little bit. I didn’t want to.”

Steve Nowicki Steve Nowicki Photo: The Howard Stern Show

This isn’t the first time Steve has gotten up close and personal with a stripper, either—at JD’s bachelor party he exchanged phone numbers with one dancer. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, though, and Steve revealed he is no longer in touch with the woman.