Brent Hatley’s Wife Katelyn Gets Candid About Her New Breast Implants, Her Ultimate Sexual Fantasy, and Her Thoughts on Memet Walker

“What I would like is to see Brent with one or two women and then to join in. That’s my fantasy,” she tells Howard

January 29, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Brent Hatley’s wife Katelyn made her highly anticipated Stern Show studio debut Tuesday morning to compete in the Newly-Wet Game, but first she gave Howard an update on her recent breast augmentation surgery. While she still needs a few more weeks of rest and relaxation following the implant procedure, Katelyn is already raving about her doctor’s handiwork.

“I love them. They’re big enough. They look good,” she said of her new breasts.

Robin Quivers, who originally worried the new implants would be too big, also praised their appearance, noting how they fit her frame.

And despite what anyone else says, Katelyn confirmed she is not offended when her husband says she is built like a “brick shithouse.” In fact, it’s quite the contrary. “It’s totally a positive thing,” she said.

With Katelyn finally in studio, Howard had a lot of questions about how she and Brent have been approaching the swinger lifestyle and wondered if they would ever really succeed in finding a match.

“Well, we’re being kind of picky,” Katelyn maintained. “We had one guy proposition me and he was hot … But he had an eight-inch-long beard and all I can think of is what’s in that beard. I don’t want to have sex with that.”

As for whether or not sharing her husband would somehow create a rift in their relationship, Katelyn insisted the two had talked everything through and were both equally interested in pursuing the scenario. “What I would like is to see Brent with one or two women and then to join in. That’s my fantasy,” she reiterated.

Brent agreed, telling Howard his wife is “at the center” of all his sexual fantasies.

In the meantime, the couple, who met seven years ago and bonded over their shared interests in history and serial killers, have been keeping things fresh in the bedroom by enjoying some assplay — an activity they first tried out after hearing their Newly-Wet Game competition Ronnie Mund and Stephanie discuss it on air.

While Katelyn hasn’t used a strap-on yet, she said she has tried using her own dildo on Brent.

“Ronnie was right. When that thing hits your prostate, it’s an amazing feeling,” the Stern Show staffer confessed.

Before moving onto the competition, Katelyn also wanted to respond to what she felt was a mischaracterization of events by Memet Walker, who claimed she had propositioned his girlfriend at the annual Stern Show staff Christmas party.

“He will over-exaggerate the truth of what actually happened sometimes, but what he leaves out is kind of important, too,” she said.

Even though she admitted bringing up oral sex, Katelyn insisted she verbally made sure everyone in the room was comfortable and understood she was just having a good time. “It’s kind of a compliment,” she added, “because, honestly, I want to eat pussy eventually, but I haven’t yet.”