City Council Pranksters Chad and JT Stop by the Stern Show

Comedy duo known for their impassioned speeches will be talking to Howard for the first time

July 24, 2019
Photo: Instagram

Comedy duo “Chad Kroeger” and “JT Parr” are stopping by the Stern Show Wednesday morning to hang out with Howard for the first time. The guys have gotten quite a bit of attention for their impassioned speeches delivered at various town hall and city council meetings, fighting for the right to have raging house parties, preserving shared scooter programs, and even petitioning to have a Southern California water treatment facility renamed after pop star Britney Spears.

Howard has played a few of their clips on air before, comparing them to a less gross version of Richard and Sal.

“The guys are geniuses,” Howard said with a laugh back in May after hearing a clip from one of their public forum pranks.

Tune in to Howard 100 on Wednesday to hear Chad and JT’s Stern Show debut and check back here for updates throughout the day.