AUDIO: Hear Michael Rapaport’s New Brent Hatley Diss Track ‘Intergalactic Ugly’

Actor unloads his latest Beastie Boys parody just one day after the staffer challenges him to a fight

September 10, 2019

Another chapter of the Michael Rapaport-Brent Hatley saga unfolded Tuesday morning after the actor called into the Stern Show for the second day in a row and unloaded “Intergalactic Ugly,” another rap parody meant to skewer his on-staff rival who one day earlier had challenged him to a mixed martial arts fight.

“It’s charting in North Korea,” Rapaport joked before Howard debuted the song live on air.

Once again parodying a Beastie Boys song (this time, 1998’s “Intergalactic”), Michael’s new diss track didn’t shy away from goofing on everything from Brent’s looks and sexual exploits to his apparent willingness to fight those who wrong him. “You wanna fight someone? Start with your parents,” Rapaport raps (below), adding “You look like Uncle Fester fucked a bar of soap.”

After hearing it, Brent declared Rapaport’s new song a misfire. “Nobody in here laughed because it was real shitty,” he said. “Real shitty white boy rapping. Terrible.”

But Michael, who also directed the award-winning, 2011 hip hop documentary “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest,” wasn’t having any of it. “Keep hip hop and rapping out of your mouth,” he told Brent. “You know nothing about it.”

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate eventually weighed in and seemed to side with Rapaport, revealing the back office thought “Intergalactic Ugly” was hilarious after previewing it. “Brent, I’m sorry to say this, it was uproarious laughter,” Gary concluded.