VIDEO: Memet Walker Watches Lenny Dykstra Train for His Fight Against the ‘Bagel Boss Guy’

Former slugger also shares a health update with the Stern Show

September 12, 2019

Retired baseball legend Lenny Dykstra is hard at work preparing for his upcoming celebrity boxing match against Chris “the Bagel Boss Guy” Morgan, according to Stern Show staffer Memet Walker who recently sat in on one of Lenny’s training sessions.

“I’m, like, genuinely afraid Bagel Guy could get killed or something. Lenny is ripped right now,” Memet told Howard after entering the studio Wednesday morning.

Lenny’s toughness as a New York Met earned him the nickname “Nails,” and when Memet watched him train it wasn’t hard to see why. The staffer even went so far as to put on some pads and take a few of Lenny’s punches. “It hurt my hand,” Memet admitted. “He was, like, knocking me back. Lenny is a strong dude.”

Memet also spoke with Lenny’s trainer, a former marine who had nothing but positive things to say about his student. “I’d say he’s one of the harder punchers. He’s also a very fast learner, too,” the trainer said. “I don’t think he was born; he was poured. He’s just got iron behind his knuckles.”

Despite his impressive display in the gym, Lenny had other things than the Bagel Boss guy on his mind, and he once again managed to steer the discussion toward his well-documented talents in the bedroom. “He announced to us while we were there that his penis is working again, so he is capable of sex,” Memet told Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers, who also happens to be Lenny’s longtime crush.

Robin said none of that changed her feelings about him, but Lenny is still holding out hope she might consider sitting ringside and cheering for him at the upcoming bout. “He said he wants her to be the black Adrian,” Memet laughed.