VIDEO: Stern Show Staffers Sing Billy Joel, Al Green, and More During Impromptu Karaoke Party

JD Harmeyer, Memet Walker, and Brent Hatley perform in studio, plus Robin Quivers announces her return to singing

October 29, 2019

Howard seemed surprised on Tuesday to find out some of his staffers recently spent a night out together singing karaoke, especially JD Harmeyer.

“You’re like a recluse, why are you now doing karaoke?” Howard asked JD point-blank.

“I did it with my wife because she wanted to … do a Halloween thing,” the staffer responded. “[She] and Mary, Memet’s girlfriend, love karaoke so they, like, plan these nights … Memet loves karaoke, too.”

So what did JD choose to sing in front of the karaoke crowd? None other than Billy Joel’s “‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

“You can’t even talk, that’s the hardest song to sing in the world,” Howard said in disbelief.

“That’s why I picked it,” JD admitted.

Fellow staffer Memet was quick to defend his co-worker. “He’s good at it,” he said of JD’s interpretation of the wordy Joel classic.

Howard wanted JD to prove it, though, and before long the lyric sheet was in the Stern Show staffer’s hand and he was singing the tune live on the air.

“I like that. That wasn’t bad, right Robin?” Howard said with wonder. “I understood the words, I didn’t think you could get the words out.”

Memet, on the other hand, appeared to suffer from performance anxiety as he attempted first to sing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Then executive producer Gary Dell’Abate revealed he’d heard Memet’s go-to song was “On the Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osborne so he also performed a closed-eye rendition of that ’80s tune.

Brent Hatley, who has been taking vocal lessons for a while, got into the action as well, performing The Misfits’ “Die, Die, Die, My Darling.”

“Wow, I like it,” Howard told him.

“It should be a good Christmas party with all these musical talents”, noted Robin Quivers.

Speaking of Robin, the co-host had some musical news of her own: she’s coming out of retirement.

“I hear you’re getting back into singing,” an enthusiastic Howard asked her. “I hear you’re gonna hit the studio again tomorrow.”

“There’s something going on and, I told you, a special event could bring me out of retirement,” Robin confirmed.