Stern Staff Snow Headquarters

New York City has been virtually shutdown by lackluster snowstorm

January 26, 2015


Well, it’s Tuesday morning and the storm was a bust. Just a few inches on the ground yet the city is still shut down. Richard did make it work (walking) while Fred walked over 60 blocks to be here.

But all we’ve heard about this morning is Concealer, Rogaine and Mambo – the three essentials that Sal and Ronnie made sure to pack for their night in the ctiy. Obviously the Mambo is Ronnie’s but we had to wrestle Sal’s make-up out of his hands to see what he’s up to.

Inside the Bag:


Who’s dependable and who’s not? Who is braving the storm for work and who is running away? What are your favorite staffers and wack packers up to on this snowiest of days? Stay tuned to this page for answers, updates and more!


Richard Christy: He’s not getting a hotel room, but he lives in Brooklyn so hopefully it won’t be a big deal. Of course, the other Brooklynites in the office snagged rooms. We’ll find out tomorrow morning!

*UPDATE* Richard made it work, walking over the bridge to get here

Scott Salem on the other hand left no ambiguity. He stated flatly he’s needed at home, was going home and didn’t expect to be at work the next day if the weather plays out as reported. He already went as far as lining up JD and others to do various parts of his job in lieu of his absence.


Basically every other person on staff.

Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein are shacking up in the same hotel (but not, unfortunately, the same room).

Will, Jason and Steve Brandano and Nik Ruckert will also be holed up in hotels, watching the beautiful snow.

JD Harmeyer is now lucky enough to live in Manhattan (along with Howard, Robin, Fred, and Benjy) so they will all be fine.

Sal Governale was evidently totally unaware of the coming storm until this morning. Howard asked what the hell he was going to do and Sal says he was trying to book a (very) last minute hotel room


Whether at home or in a hotel room, our staff and wack pack are prepped for the big storm!

Richard’s beer closet is full and ready to go!

Jason his version of ‘porn’ ready for the hotel room

High Pitch Erik his the super market…

…Erik clearly shopping for a family of one.

Will, Jon and Jason hit dinner together in Midtown

Lisa G’s cat Lucky buckles down.

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