The Staff’s 2015 Oscar Picks

From "Whiplash" to "Boyhood," the HSS crew liked a lot of movies this year

February 22, 2015

Staff Oscar Picks

Like every office ours is filled with movie lovers and so-called experts. Everyone thinks they know best so let’s see how some of our movie aficionados do in predicting this year’s major Academy Awards winners.

Howard, Robin, Gary, JD, Jon, Ronnie and Richard’s pet guinea pig Taco each filled out a bracket for tonight’s telecast. Follow along to see who knows best and tune in Monday morning to Howard 100 to hear Howard’s take on tonight’s broadcast!

Remember, these picks represent who the staff thinks WILL win, not who they think SHOULD win.


“Whiplash”: Howard,

“Boyhood”: Robin, Gary, JD, Jon, Taco

“American Sniper”: Ronnie

Taco taking the carrot for Boyhood


Michael Keaton: Howard, Robin, Gary, JD, Taco

Eddie Redmayne: Jon

Bradley Cooper: Ronnie

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

American Sniper’s Bradley Cooper


Julianne Moore: Howard, Robin, Gary, JD, Jon

Reese Witherspoon: Ronnie

Felicity Jones: Taco

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: (a clean sweep!)

J.K. Simmons: Howard, Robin, Gary, JD, Jon, Ronnie, Taco


Patricia Arquette: Howard, Robin, Gary, JD, Jon, Ronnie

Keira Knightley: Taco


Richard Linklater: Howard, Robin, JD, Ronnie

Alejandro G Inarritu: Gary, Jon, Taco

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